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This can help to shift their mindset, reminding them that while the return to school is stressful, there are still some good things about the return as well.

This is due in large part to the fact that your meds become associated with something that you do every day.

Depending on the pill box you buy, you may have multiple compartments available per day to hold the pills you take at different times.

The boxes make it easy to tell if you’ve taken a pill or not, and just seeing the box reminds you that you still have pills to take.

Given how much things can change over a summer when you’re growing up, young people and teens with social anxiety may not even be able to take solace in the thought of seeing old friends at school.

Especially for teenagers who are already facing a number of other changes, this can be overwhelming. If your child or teen appears to have anxiety about returning to school, here are just a few suggestions on how you can help them overcome it and get ready to go back to school.

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Even if you have meds that don’t require you to take them with meals, scheduling your morning pills around breakfast and evening pills around dinner can still make them easier to remember.