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Padma lakshmi dating chef

And said she had no business leaving her husband and should put up with it? At that point, she had only authored one cookbook, “and the truth is that it was a very small book,” she laughs.It was chef Eric Ripert who encouraged her to own her international palate and unique perspective she brought to judging as a food writer, not professional chef.She didn’t see her father again for another 20 years.“I know through some twist of fate my mother and I were able to get out of India and then make a life here in America because she had a family that supported her and she had an education,” she says.Her mother was a nurse and was able to obtain a lucrative professional visa.“But what would have happened if my mom had been in the same type of abusive marriage and had not had an education or was not supported by her family because she was from some rural village and they were backward in their thinking? I think about who I am and how I became this way because of a lot of blessings in my life.”She began modeling when she was in her twenties, before hosting a handful of TV shows in Italy and on the Food Network in the U. When she was hired to host , people may have assumed the network was just inserting another model into another TV series.“I’d say, listen, don’t serve this again, and if you do make sure you cook that chicken all the way through.You can have empathy and be honest.”It’s not hard to draw a parallel between that signature of Lakshmi’s and the ways in which she’s broken out of the mold of calm-and-collected TV host to publicly lay herself bare, the kind of honesty with empathy—though perhaps with more anger than you’ll see on Bravo—that has the power to, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic or naive, change the world.

As a result, her marriage started to fall apart."At the time I really needed to take care of my health, and I couldn't take care of my health and get well and also take care of my marriage," she admitted.

We’re speaking at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, where she was interviewed on a “Food For Thought” panel sponsored by Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s “The Copernicus Project,” aimed at exploring the current state of our food system and what its future may look like.

Lakshmi, who started as a food writer and cookbook author before becoming one of the most recognizable culinary personalities in the world thanks to her time on , is a natural fit for the conversation, which was well-timed to the Bravo competition’s season finale, airing this Thursday.

“I felt shut out of things because of things that identified me as different that were beyond my control, whether it was because my skin was brown or my name was funny.

I just want to level the playing field.” Lakshmi was born in Madras (now Chennai) India, but moved to the United States with her mother, who separated from her father and needed to start a new life away from the country’s stigma against divorce.

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Beyond the messaging, she says, it makes for good TV.

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