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Omnicom consolidating 2016

In Law Firms we have every age group, with Generation X and Y growing up communicating via technology more and face-to-face less, so we need to find ways to help them communicate with each other, creating casual collisions, and assist them in doing their job better.” The transformation at Omnicom – consolidating over 30 properties Tony Phipkin, CFO at Omnicom, talked about their journey in consolidating properties and moving over 30 of Omnicom’s competing agencies into Bankside 2 and Bankside 3, which is currently home to over 3,000 employees.

The consolidation of agencies under one roof has attracted lots of attention and watchful eyes.

Just over a year into the move and the team still have a long way to go.

Not only do they have another 1,000 agency staff to move in by spring 2017 but they need to change the environment.

"We are looking at ways to make our marketing dollars work harder, whether that be through more efficient media spending or finding more effective ways to connect with consumers," said Bob Rupczynski, Mc Donald's vice-president of global media and customer relationship management.

Omnicom Group Inc.'s OMD has handled Mc Donald's ad buying business for more than a decade in the U. and is also responsible for the work in most countries around the world. company has been making big changes to its approach to marketing.

Kursty Groves, Workplace Consultant and Author of Spaces for Innovation said, “Research shows productivity increases by over 30% when employees work in an empowered environment, where they have some choice regarding their work environment and are engaged in the process of defining their workspace.She said, “When you talk about work environment and talent you often hear the words attraction and retention.But if you really want your work environment to succeed in attracting and retaining employees then you need to engage your team – it matters to them how the environment looks and how it is used.Mc Donald's said its relationship with OMD remains "strong" and the agency will be participating in the review process. Earlier this year, it ended its longstanding partnership with the International Olympic Committee.In 2016, Mc Donald's consolidated creative ad duties in the U. The company has been increasing its use of digital marketing and technology.

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The restaurant area works for this and over the years its use has really changed, as has the reception area.

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