Ocs presence not updating

Posted by / 26-Sep-2019 10:02

So I suppose I need to get the x and y coords of the iframe and then apply these to the presence icon ?Or, what is the id or class of the presence icon, so I could add CSS manually ? Have tried using local copies of the SP scripts, referencing them as our SP server. Thought perhaps it might be a cross domain issue, but can't get it to work localhost, dev server or live server.I upgraded to Lync and I have the new icons/pop without changing any of the HTML and Java Script.

The issue is that the code that calculates the x and y coordinates fails to take into account that it's in an iframe.

Is there a way to debug and step through the IMNRC function call? Such a pity that the Lync SDK only supports Silverlight and MVC apps and not good old web forms.

:( David C, I haven't tried making the details show up automatically so I not sure if something exists in the API to do this or not.

The added source will use OCS to show the presence status.

But how about if I have my own presence server and want sharepoint to use my server to display the presence in the same manner as it shows the lync presence. Should I hook the call and inject my dll code to return the presence? @Ranjan, Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with this type of scenario.

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