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The service is available in five cities, and Tessler and Kay are looking to expand nationwide.

Scaling to capacity, however, is not one of their goals: “We want to remain a lifestyle brand,” said Tessler.

“A big one was how much time online dating took—the equivalent of a part-time job.” The Dating Ring, which graduated from Y Combinator’s 2014 incubator class and has raised a small amount of funding (under 0,000), provides its clients with the option of filling out an online essay about themselves or taking part in a 15-minute interview with a matchmaker.

Theoretically, the odds are good that a person can find a soul mate among the 3.2 million single New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 64.

Realistically, however, the sheer number of prospective partners creates its own major problem—but also a huge business opportunity.

The Dating Ring also offers a premium membership starting at ,500 per year, and combines traditional matchmaking with coaching.

While Tessler would not disclose the company’s number of clients, she did say that one in every 4.5 Dating Ring matches results in a first date, and 50% of those first dates lead to second ones.

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