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In February 2008 Myspace changed the system such that users who click such links (except for whitelisted domains like Wikipedia and You Tube) will receive a warning that they will be leaving the domain.As of March 2008, this "feature" has been extended to blogs as well, although previous blog entries are unaffected unless the user updates them.

PC World cited this as its main reason for naming Myspace as #1 in its list of twenty-five worst web sites ever."The change is part of My Space's new public commitment to privacy." The new privacy settings will allow users to restrict who sees their profile by limiting the accessibility to friends only, or people 18 or older."Some people may have a private gathering in someone's home - that doesn't mean they're inviting everyone who happens to be friends of friends who are invited," said, Jeremy Mishkin, a partner and Internet privacy expert at the law firm Montgomery Mc Cracken in Philadelphia.For example, be changed to HRw Oi8v ZW4ud2lra XBl ZGlh Lm9y Zw==http (The new links are determined by Base64 encoding, as there are ways of decoding the link back into its original URL.) Myspace staffers would be able to disable potentially dangerous links.(The changed links only work if the HTTP referrer is a Myspace page; otherwise, the link will appear to be disabled.) This move has been criticized that it makes profile editing inconvenient and that it does nothing to deter spammers.

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My Space, in 2010, provided users the option of controlling their individual privacy settings on their profile.

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