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Hopefully this will reduce the incidents of mobile users not understanding the guidelines here.r/sex is for civil discussions about all facets of sexuality and sexual relationships.

I'm more comfortable in my own skin than i have been in forever, and the sex has multiplied in both quality and quantity.

Some is just soft sweet missionary, and some is just creative and wild and I don't know if i ever would have tried any of it without the mind-opening power of good (well... This wasn’t exactly during sex, but the other night while I was grinding on my boyfriend’s lap, he pulled back from kissing me to tell me how much he loved my body, and then paused for a moment and said “You know I love the rest of you too, right? That might have ruined the moment for someone else, but for me it just made it better in so many ways.

I suddenly developed a desire for both giving and receiving, and have learned all sorts of new techniques!

I now love being worshiped and giving it right back.

Last year I suddenly realized that my favorite bits in books and movies were the "finally together!

If you have posted for advice about a situation in the past and wish to share an update - this is the place for it. I thought my experience might help someone out there.

Any sexual experience that you wish to share is fair game, as long as you follow the rules of the community. (sorry for the goddamn novel)I have been a big reader my entire life, but avoided romance because there's a stigma around it.

Reading these gave me a new compassion for people of varying sexuality, and allowed me to feel peaceful about my own children's emerging sexuality instead being skeezed out.

Maybe this is some sort of midlife crisis, but it isn't hurting anyone (maybe chafing), so I'll roll with it.

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