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On Friday, Mckeen shared the video that's titled similarly to her other popular vlogs: "my sister and I went on Tinder dates while's how it went." In it, Mckeen says she and her sister Brie were venturing to "just to meet people and be shown around to new places" by matching and connecting with men on Tinder in Portland and Seattle."Our plan is to go on Tinder and find people to show us around as a local," she says on the vlog.She and Brie then document using Tinder after they land in the cities, swiping, messaging, and coordinating casual double-dates with men and a friend they (conveniently) bring along.Our goal is to help single men across the globe find Russian and Ukrainian women.We help foster strong friendships between like-minded individuals that just might turn into something more.

It was the perfect way for painfully shy teens like myself to at least get a peck on the cheek from the person they were otherwise too scared to be within ten feet of.... Have you ever been texting someone for a few weeks and then been disappointed when you realize there is no chemistry within 30 seconds of meeting in real life?

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