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Kurdistan dating site

During WWI, the British and French formed a secret agreement called the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which concluded in May 1916.The agreement consisted of plans to carve up the Near and Middle East into nation-states and spheres of control to support their own colonial interest.The Treaty bolstered Kurdish nationalists’ aspirations by providing for a referendum to decide the issue of the Kurdistan homeland.The Treaty of Sevres was rejected by the new Turkish Republic, and a new treaty (The Treaty of Lausanne) was negotiated and signed in 1923.

The first organization was formed in Erbil and the second in Suleimaniah.The former provinces of Syria and Mesopotamia under the Ottoman Empire would be divided into five nation-states: Lebanon and Syria which would be under French control and Palestine, Jordan and Iraq including Mosul Province which would be under British control.At the end of the War, the Treaty of Sevres was drafted to deal with the dissolution and partition of the Ottoman Empire.In 2006, the PUK and KDP arranged to unify administrations under Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.What has proven to be the key in establishing independence for Kurdistan, but has been missing in Kurdistan’s quest for autonomy, is the support of a superpower.

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