Is oxybutynin sedating

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Is oxybutynin sedating

Incontinence is often multifactorial in older patients with dementia.Medicines may contribute to urinary incontinence via agonism of alpha-1- adrenoceptors or nicotinic acid receptors leading to stress incontinence, or antagonism of beta-3- adrenoceptors or agonism of muscarinic receptors leading to urge incontinence.Medicines with sedative properties have been linked to depressive symptoms, worsening cognition, respiratory depression, impaired muscle strength and falls and fractures.All medicines with sedative properties – not only those prescribed for intentional sedation – may contribute to an older person's sedative load.

With these interventions, treatment with anticholinergic medicines may not be necessary.

In 932 community dwelling people aged more than 65 years in the Women's Health and Aging Study conducted in the United States, use of medicines with anticholinergic properties was associated with difficulties in balance and mobility.* New medicine: reported adverse effects profile is consistent with moderate anticholinergic effects ** Not included on the schedule of PBS/RPBS benefits *** Found in cold and flu treatments, may be purchased over-the-counter Reproduced from Veterans' MATES Therapeutic brief 25.

Available at Medicines with sedative properties include also have sedative properties.

However, clinicians may be less aware that some medicines prescribed for other purposes also have anticholinergic properties These include the inhaled anticholinergics, ipratropium and tiotropium bromide when prescribed in their usual therapeutic doses.

Even medicines with minor anticholinergic properties may contribute to unwanted central and peripheral adverse events if used in combination with other agents with anticholinergic effects.

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Cholinesterase inhibitors (donepezil, rivastigmine and galantamine) may modestly improve cognition via inhibiting the enzyme acetyl cholinesterase.

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