Is lauren alaina dating josh carter

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The great irony of Lauren Alaina’s “Road Less Traveled” is that the song’s lyrics rely entirely on clichéd images and turns-of-phrase while attempting to empower individuality and personal expression.From threadbare lines about dress sizes and kicking up gravel to well-trod territory about marching to different drums and trusting one’s “rebel heart,” there isn’t a single novel idea in the song.The former "American Idol" star called off her plans to wed Alex Hopkins, her boyfriend of six years, in January, just months after he popped the question last summer (2018).Now Lauren has moved on and has been given a new reason to smile thanks to her budding relationship with the funnyman.That Alaina attempts a call-and-response of, “Put your hands up / Show me that you’re one of a kind,” in the bridge only draws attention to the fact that her would-be anthem boasts all the individuality and depth of a motivational cat poster.

they're shocked he's bringing a girl around," Lauren laughed. In a candid radio interview on "The Bobby Bones Show", the "Road Less Traveled" hitmaker revealed the new couple had been quietly dating since February.She introduced John as her "boyfriend" as he joined her for the chat, and confessed she made the first move by sending him a direct message on Instagram - although John had no idea who she was. ' so I looked up her Wikipedia page," the comedian, 35, explained.“July 5th, 2012 this nervous 17 year old boy would have done anything to make that pretty girl sitting next to him smile. He never could have imagined that on October 14th he would somehow work up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend, and for whatever reason she would say yes,” he wrote alongside the image.

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The singer's romance emerges two months after she admitted she was a complete novice at finding love, because her ex was the only man she ever really dated.