Is james lafferty still dating eve hewson

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Set in Brooklyn in 1957 and based on real events, the film stars Hanks as James B Donovan, a lawyer tasked with negotiating the release of a US pilot in exchange for a Russian spy. was the film that made me fall in love with movies.

His wife and family, including Eve as his teenage daughter, Carol, are caught up in the backlash as Donovan is threatened and intimidated for cooperating with the Communists. When I was a kid, I cut my hair off and made my parents call me Elliott for about two years.'It was the ultimate goal in my career in many ways, to work with Steven Spielberg,’ she continues.

Sophia Bush is on and off dating Austin Nichols (Julian from One Tree Hill)...

And it is rumored that James Lafferty is dating Rachel Wilson, but that's supposedly over...

'On one tour, when I was 15, my sister and I were just obsessed with Kings of Leon, who were the support band, and would skulk around their dressing room, like, “Heyyyy,”’ she laughs, miming a coy, flirtatious wave. We made a short film [Lost and Found], which we were just supposed to work on with her, but she put us in it.’ Two years later, when Dunton was no longer tutoring the sisters but making films full time, she offered Eve another, larger, role, in The 27 Club, a film she wrote and directed.'My dad said he figured out that in order to have a good relationship with your kids, you have to be more fun than them. 'My parents are way more fun than me and my siblings. ”’ Now 24, Eve is making her name very much in her own right, with both a Sky Atlantic series, The Knick – directed by Steven Soderbergh and due to start its second season in January – and Bridge of Spies, a Steven Spielberg film arriving in cinemas at the end of the month.We’re always like, “What restaurant are you going to? The former is set in 1900 at the fictitious Knickerbocker Hospital in New York and stars Clive Owen as a brilliant surgeon, Dr John Thackery, who is also hopelessly addicted to cocaine and opium.'There was one time that I went to a party and my mum was there, and I was like, “Urgh, I’m trying to live my life in New York and my mother’s here,”’ she mock-laments.'But my mum’s actually pretty cool – I’d prefer to go out with her than almost anybody else.’ Her father, she says, is similarly good company.

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Born Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson (her parents soon dropped the 'Memphis’ for fear of bullying), she attributes her youthful obsession with E. – and with film in general – to growing up in the stunning but sleepy Killiney Bay, on the coast south of Dublin.