Is dating wrong according to the bible

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Multiple copies may also be grouped into text types (see New Testament text types), with some types judged closer to the hypothetical original than others.

Differences often extend beyond minor variations and may involve, for instance, interpolation of passages central to issues of historicity and doctrine, such as the ending of Mark 16.

Augustine was aware of the difference between science and scripture and defended the historicity of the biblical texts e.g. Historians hold that the Bible should not be treated differently from other historical (or literary) sources from the ancient world.

One may compare doubts about the historicity of e.g.

The French priest Richard Simon brought these critical perspectives to the Catholic tradition in 1678, observing "the most part of the Holy Scriptures that are come to us, are but Abridgments and as Summaries of ancient Acts which were kept in the Registries of the Hebrews," in what was probably the first work of biblical textual criticism in the modern sense.The first casualty was the Creation story itself, and by the early 19th century "no responsible scientist contended for the literal credibility of the Mosaic account of creation." The battle between uniformitarianism and catastrophism kept the Flood alive in the emerging discipline, until Adam Sedgwick, the president of the Geological Society, publicly recanted his previous support in his 1831 presidential address: We ought indeed to have paused before we first adopted the diluvian theory, and referred all our old superficial gravel to the action of the Mosaic Flood.For of man, and the works of his hands, we have not yet found a single trace among the remnants of the former world entombed in those deposits.A special challenge for assessing the historicity of the Bible is sharply differing perspectives on the relationship between narrative history and theological meaning.Supporters of biblical literalism "deny that Biblical infallibility and inerrancy are limited to spiritual, religious, or redemptive themes, exclusive of assertions in the fields of history and science.

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