Is bella and edward dating in real life

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Is bella and edward dating in real life

Much to Renee's chagrin, Bella was her father's daughter: Ordinary. Bella had always been insecure about her looks, less so as she aged. She looked very, rock and roll in brand new jeans that came with designer holes and a new slashed ripped, cut out, stretchy blouse. Her best friend was blessed with the body of an Amazonian goddess, long blonde hair, piercing violet eyes, the epitome of the golden ratio.

When the three arrived at NYU, it was decided that Bella needed to stop dwelling on the past and move forward. Although she suffered unimaginable pain and loss before college—Bella could not come to regret the choice to move to Forks and the nightmare she lived through…barely because Bella wouldn't be where she was at this moment without that experience.She could also lose her filter completely if inebriated.Bella applied the Russian Red lipstick that she'd purchased from the MAC store.Quickly checking to make sure she didn't have lipstick on her teeth.Bella went into the closet, and she found a form-fitting grey and black lace embellished, V-neck tank top. Alice left out a brand-new pair of black skinny jeans and silver peep-toe heels.

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Rose submitted Bella's novel, New Moon, to be considered for publication. Rosalie soon became her editor, agent, and part-time publicist.