Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

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Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

Once this is done, it will launch a standard Xfce desktop, logged in automatically to the pre-created , please see these notes (the shipped defaults should work fine for most users, however).

If you wish to add Bluetooth peripherals (e.g., a wireless mouse and/or keyboard) to your RPi, please see below.Install additional MATE Desktop applications that are recommended for extended usage of the MATE Desktop as upstream sees it; for example, this installs MATE Desktop's office related applications.Disable this if you plan to use your own non-MATE Desktop alternatives or a custom mixture of MATE and non-MATE packages.It is sensible to install Gentoo to a separate micro SD card from that used by your default Raspbian system; that way, when you are finished using Gentoo, you can simply power off, swap back to your old card, reboot, and your original system will be just as it was.If you are using a Windows or Mac box, or prefer to use a GUI tool in Linux, I recommend you download your preferred image via your web browser using the links above, and then check out the free, open-source, cross-platform tool Etcher to write it to micro SD card.

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