Invalidating session using sessionbinding listener agency christian christian club dating single

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Invalidating session using sessionbinding listener

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I have read a lot of posts about this, but none of the solutions have worked for me.

The problem is that I have a log in page, instanciate a session, set variables to my session and when I logout I use the session.invalidate(); method to keep security of my pages I use an if statement like String loged=String.value Of(Value("logedin")); if(loged.equals("false")|loged.equals(null)|loged.equals("")|loged.equals("null")){%Metaquestion: I'm curious about something that I've seen quite often in the various forums: Oftentimes and 'answer' will be in the form of "Look at the API" or even "RTFM".

If we login to the application again request.getsession(true) will ...

I have pasted the relevant standalone.xml, and my servlet logout code.

The issue is that the session does not get invalidated after logout.

thanks & regards, seetharaman I am working on a web based application. It is happening that when somebody closes the application (without logout),the session counter will not decrement. Background Info: I am working on a project to lock a product id number so it may not be accessed by more than one session at a time.

I create a lock by writing the session id, product id number, user id and timestamp to a oracle database table.

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