Internet dating usernames examples drafting a good online dating profile

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Internet dating usernames examples

Your screen name can be one that will make more sense as someone gets to know you.

You know what we mean—you probably screenshotted them and sent them to your friends because you couldn't believe someone would choose it. Here, we have a list of their 10 favorites (yes, all actual usernames!

Thank god you made it clear in your username that you aren’t looking for a slut, because I was just about to message you and offer you my body.

Word to the wise, and also to you: hold off on using derogatory terms to refer to women till at least the second date.

While it won't force you to use your actual name or anything (even though that's become modus operandi for Facebook-linked apps like Hinge and Tinder), usernames have officially gone from required to optional.

More from Glamour: has been slowly phasing out mandatory usernames on the site.

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Does IWant All Da Secks and Assless_Chaps really think that's going to make them seem more attractive?!

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