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Integrity in dating

If you possess self-respect and are mentally in focus, you would understand that there’s no way a marriage to this person could possibly work.

All of your expectations about your lives together are suddenly built upon quicksand.

If you don’t want to trust your biological life to someone of low integrity — by flying in a plane owned and run, say, by the Mafia, or a group of corrupt politicians — then why would you place your psyche and personal life in the hands of someone who’s morally lacking? My years of experience as a couples therapist overwhelmingly confirms this claim.

Don’t you value your personal, psychological happiness in the same way you value your physical health? Just as you wouldn’t want to drive across a bridge without structural integrity, so too should you avoid marriage to someone lacking in personal integrity. We sometimes delude ourselves into believing that it is, but it isn’t. So what would you feel — and why would you feel it — if your spouse-to-be said such a thing to you on your wedding day?

“Introspective” means being aware of your inner states and emotions; and being willing to have conversations — with yourself or others — about what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it.

To be introspective means to be honest with yourself about your core emotions and motivations — including the ones you don’t necessarily like or want to admit.

Honesty and psychological health are closely connected.

Read also – Office Wars: Common Issues and Simple Solutions Do Not Allow Circumstances to Alter Your Moral Compass: Develop an unchanging standard for moral decision-making, regardless of circumstance.By being a person of integrity you lay a foundation which will allow you to build successful relationships. Without structural integrity, a building will collapse. But there may be times when I have to lie.” This is not a preposterous scenario.All these things and more go into building successful relationships, but perhaps no factor is more vital to strong, lasting relationships than integrity.Integrity is the bedrock foundation upon which all successful relationships are built. If that foundation of integrity is flawed or weak, it is impossible to build the necessary trust required to maintain successful, positive relationships.

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