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Posted by / 06-Jun-2020 01:54

You’ve been known to suddenly cut people out of your life when they’ve hurt you one too many times.

It’s not that you enjoy cutting people out, rather, you do this simply to protect yourself.

You almost always have this sinking feeling like you could be doing better with your life.

You can be both incredibly shy, quiet, and withdrawn, as well as charming, fun, and hilarious.

For an INFJ, it’s all about the situation, your mood, and energy levels — and most important, the people you’re with.

(This is why INFJs are often considered natural advice-givers and counsellors.)You are an introvert and you like alone time, but you can’t be alone for too long. “Your people” are a handful of good friends who truly get you.

Deep conversations with these people are priceless, and hanging out with them can actually boost your energy.

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