Infobox football biography image param needs updating

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Infobox football biography image param needs updating

On Twitter, bots automate tweeting, retweeting, and related behaviors.

One of the most newsworthy bots of the past five years ties both platforms together. Launched in summer 2014, the account quickly became a cause célèbre, and if you wonder why, I’d like to invite you to familiarize yourself with the unavoidably self-referential Wikipedia article titled “United States Congressional staff edits to Wikipedia”.

), and there are quite a few items linked from w: Category: Last living survivors.

There are also occasional cases where "only person" is notable, and it might not be appropriate to use "first" (since it's something not expected to happen again).

If you visit today, you’ll see a standard message: “This account has been suspended.” What happened?

Let’s start at the beginning: the account was set up (and the code behind it written) by Ed Summers, a software developer then working at the Library of Congress.

1Veertje ( is only for specific chairs; this property would be applicable to all generic academic ranks.His inspiration for the new account came from the sudden appearance of @Parliament Edits, which then and now tracks Wikipedia edits made from the UK Parliament. After asking around, Summers received a list of known congressional IP addresses from Gov, an organization focused on government transparency.The creator of that account, Tom Scott, had piped the two known IP addresses for Parliament through the IFTTT automation service, which then published its findings to Twitter. Summers put in a few hours of coding, and on July 8, 2014, Congress Edits was born.These are so common that surnames are sorted not by the first letter of the surname but by the first letter of the word after the tussenvoegsel.It is not uncommon for forms to ask to define it separately from the surname 1Veertje (Is not incorrect Pmt. --Gerwoman (This was the original motivation: "I would like to add the information on a subject Catholic prelate about which bishop has ordained him as priest." Priest is not a position but an occupation, as Nomen ad Hoc have just said and you agreed.

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We’re talking, of course, about @Congress Edits, created to track edits made to Wikipedia from U. (Congressional staffers edit Wikipedia a lot, often embarrassingly, sometimes scandalously.) Over the next few years, Congress Edits would prove to be the source of news stories both serious and just for fun, revealing efforts to hide unflattering information and announce the availability of Choco Tacos in congressional vending machines.