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I hate internet dating sites

No deep, abiding loves, no planning a life together, absolutely zero domestic bliss.

I’m reading a book in a cave with my support animal.

Sadly, online dating turns that leap of faith into an awkward spectacle that’s at once performative, high stakes, and risky.

Instead of spontaneously leaping into the unknown, you’re approached by a reality-TV producer who says, “Put on these big-ass red clown shoes, this clown nose, and this idiotic orange wig, and LEAP ACROSS THAT GIANT CHASM OVER THERE.” But can you take a flying leap under those conditions? Does the prospect of clearing that enormous ravine in your huge red shoes make you shake and sweat?

But when you land on the other side of the chasm, all that’s waiting for you is another clown, shaking and crying. There are lots of people who think dating apps are hilarious and fun.

“Who’s The bottom line is, if you hate dating apps, you’re unlikely to find love through a dating app. They’re impervious to that flood of loneliness that hits after another date goes wrong.

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Because it’s impossible to jump over a giant chasm when all you can think is, “I hate this!

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