I am dating an introvert

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I am dating an introvert

Many introverts are intensely interested in meaning. Some of my favorite “dates” were not actually dates at all, but simply times when the stars seemed to align and I made an authentic connection.

Like the time I dragged myself to an extroverted friend’s birthday party at a noisy, crowded dance club (ugggggg) and ended up finding a fellow introvert who also didn’t want to be there.

I know, it’s easier to get away with this tactic when you’re a woman and traditional dating etiquette says the man should make the first move. I’d drive myself crazy trying to work up the courage to walk over to him — and then what would I even say?

Usually any attempts at this ended in me mumbling some small talk, then giving up.

We talked all night, making fun of our drunk friends writhing on the dance floor, and he kissed me when he walked me back to my car.

When you’re dating an introvert, worry less about doing all the right things, like texting at the right time, saying the right thing, or dividing up the check properly.

Whether it’s the first date or our ten-year wedding anniversary, we probably won’t broadcast our interest and affection as loudly as extroverts — but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. We listened to some of the same bands, both liked reading sci-fi, and each had two cats. We’d had a fine-enough time noshing Thai food in a trendy downtown restaurant.I got tired, glazed-over, and snappish; my words weren’t coming out right anymore.If you’re dating an introvert, don’t take it personally when we retreat to the comfort (and quiet) of our home.

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Shyness can be anything from nerves that give you that extra push into action to the kind of crippling shyness that interferes with everyday life.