Howto stop messenger updating dating 4invest ru

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Howto stop messenger updating

I am getting pop up ads on my sceen EVERY DAY that float over all applications and windows.

These ads are trying to sell me Verizon Internet Security Suite. I do NOT have any verizon progams on my computer, though I used to have Verizon In Home Agent installed, but I uninstalled this a long time ago.

This feature runs without needing to open the App Store to check and download upgrades for your apps.

However, you must handle this peculiarity intelligently to avoid issues like draining an excess of battery or consuming data unnecessarily.

In the pop-up window which is asking you to choose another default SMS app, select Go to Settings.

Select one of the available apps as your default SMS app.

Just click on the blue OK button and move on to the next step. Now that you’ve effectively closed off OTA updating on your i OS device AND deleted the OTA firmware that was already downloaded (if it was), you should be in the clear and i OS should say your firmware is update to date even if it’s not: Since my i Pad now thinks that i OS 9.3.3 is “up to date,” I will no longer get prompts to download and install i OS 9.3.4 or later unless I connect to my computer and open i Tunes, which really isn’t very often. Now that you know how to disable OTA updating on your i OS device(s), you can keep your firmware right where you like it without being badgered to update it all the time.

Because you have just disabled the default SMS app, the system will need another one to take this role.

For the most part, keeping OTA updates enabled on i OS devices is a great idea for the average.

On the other hand, there are a few select reasons for more advanced i OS device users for why you may want to disable it: If you fall under any of these categories, then you’ve come to the right tutorial.

The program in Task Manager is "Verizon Message Center" and the process is "Display Agent.exe" The message text is: Order online now and get your first 30 days FREE!

Newbie at all this but all my contacts were added to my iphone - i don't want any more contacts to be added automatically (didn't want most of the ones that went over either!

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