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He says it’s because much of South America has culturally accepted online dating, it has a sizeable population of 30 million monthly active Facebook users, and the social network can track data out of a few discrete metropolitan areas.

It also likely limits the prying eyes of journalists hunting for Facebook policy or privacy screw-ups, and eliminates the risk of disrupting its advertising in more lucrative markets like the U. It’s hard to forget that Facebook screwed up news consumption in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala and Cambodia last year by banishing all news publishers to a separate feed — effectively depriving the populations of important information. There are a lot of other ‘whys’ to how Facebook Dating was built.

If they reply, the chat moves to both people’s Conversations tab.

From there they can decide to connect elsewhere online or meet up in person.

It’s distinctly one-size-fits-all to the point that it risks being seen as universally embarassing.

Luckily only other Dating users can tell if you’re on it and there’s no way to search for someone specific, but there’s still the threat of humilating screenshots surfacing.

If the test goes well, expect Facebook to roll Dating out to more countries shortly as the social network pushes its mission to create meaningful connections and the perception that it can be a force of good.

“The goal of the team is to make Facebook simply the best place to start a relationship online” Facebook Dating’s product manager Nathan Sharp told me during an expansive interview about the company’s strategy and how it chose to diverge from the top dating apps.

We know there are 200 million people who list themselves as single” says Sharp. marriages start online, and Facebook has had time to identify the pitfalls stumbled into by other dating apps, it’s ready to pucker up.

Sharp admits that “The moment you try to control the system you may have some unexpected behaviors occur there”.

Facebook thought ahead so you can’t message photos (dick pics), you’re supposed to tie your message to a piece of their content (fewer generic pick-up lines), and you can’t follow up with people who don’t respond to you (stalking).

Sharp ran me through the decision making process his team undertook to turn Facebook Dating from a concept into a concrete product.

Here I’ll run through its rules and features while explaining the philosophy behind them: The end result is an online dating product that maximizes convenience, both in where it’s available and how much hunting you have to do by yourself.

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Starting today, users in Colombia will be able to create a Facebook Dating profile, but the company won’t start serving matches until there are enough sign ups.

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