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A research based on 7733 respondents who were aged 18–65 and legally married women in 20 European countries showed men and women share less housework in countries public support gender equality.On the contrary, women did more housework than men.A career woman, as opposed to a housewife, may follow a mommy track or a shared earning/shared parenting track.

Grih is the Sanskrit root for house or home; Grihasta and Grihast are derivatives of this root, as is Grihastya.

Generally, girls did not attend school and, therefore, spent the day doing household chores with their mothers and female relatives (for example, cooking and cleaning).

In most cases, the husband was alive and able to work, so the wife was almost always forbidden to take a job and mainly spent her days at home or doing other domestic tasks.

One of the reasons for this division of labor is that it is much easier to look after a baby while gathering food than while hunting a fast-moving animal.

Even when homes were very simple, and there were few possessions to maintain, men and women did different jobs.

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The couple lives in the state called Grihastashram or family system and together they nurture the family and help its members (both young and old) through the travails of life.