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Hermaphrodite hook ups

From our studies we suggest a form of kinesis that works by attracting males to their mating partners from a distance and functions, once males arrive, in holding attracted males in close proximity. Moreover, other than for the fruit fly (20–22), simple, straightforward model systems in which to study the role of sensory organs and the underpinning genetic and neurologic machinery for processing of such sex-related olfactory cues remain poorly described.

The hermaphrodite vulva is not required for the cue. Here we describe the design and results of several assays that provide evidence for a mate-finding cue in .

The deepsea lizardfish has evolved to be equally creative with its other survival strategies, gaining the ability to eat just about everything in sight.

It hunts, in a similar fashion to other seafloor-dwelling fish, by burying itself in sand or mud and then lying in wait for hapless victims to come swimming by.

A motor-driven stage attached to a computer joystick was used to help videotape trials through a dissecting microscope.

Trials were videotaped, and the number of reversals per crossing and the time animals spent in conditioned region were scored and are on record.

Even small populations can’t slow these fish down, since there are no restrictions on how, when, and with whom they produce offspring.

Once that happens, it grabs them with its hooked teeth, ensuring that struggling only quickens its prey’s demise.

Given its terrifying looks and cut-throat hunting abilities, one might hope that the deepsea lizardfish would have at least one weakness.

come into association with their hermaphroditic counterparts they cease foraging behavior and begin to mate.

Here we detail several assays used to demonstrate that a diffusible cue is correlated with this process.

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Backwards movement equal to or greater than a body length was counted as “1 reversal”; backward movement less than a body length was counted as “0.5 reversal.” We used the frequency of reversals as indication that males detect a cue; it seems likely that when males pass over a mate-finding cue that they will move backwards, and by repeated reversals, home in on a cue's source.

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