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From size, unique features and room types, we've simplified the process of choosing a surveillance system that works within your budget.

Please be aware, that not all spy cams are created equal.

Most importantly of all, these are often the method actors of spy craft, pinhole cameras that functionally assume the identity of their covers. Wouldn't a nonfunctional smoke detector that never gets replaced become a bit conspicuous?Hidden cameras are available in all prices ranges, shapes, sizes.Spy Associates.com's offers the largest selection of hidden video cameras.Several models among these hidden security cameras up the ante by offering instant remote viewing over a Wi Fi connection as needed, including optional instant tech alerts when triggered by motion, sound, vibration, specific points of entry being opened, even IR heat signatures for capturing video in complete darkness.Speaking of instant activation, that's one of the most vital features of many top spy cams: not only do these hidden cameras capture 720p and 1080p HD footage in a variety of settings, thanks to Wi Fi/4G capabilities and rugged disguises, but they do so with a wealth of settings that guarantee long battery life without a second thought.

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