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i have turned off Windows Firewall, tried waking up the agent, updating from the client.

I have created a client task to update all packages, but still these machines stay non compliant.

Justin Make sure you have verified that the 4.5 agent was indeed deployed. The only applied policy to it should be a new Product Deployment task to run immediately. Move a computer or server or combination into that container and enforece the policy. Once you are sure VSE won't break anything, you can move your machine there for deployemnt and back to their container or you can create a deployment task higher on your container structure and let it propogate down.The products listed are those for which you have already checked in a package to the master repository.If you do not see the product you want to deploy listed here, you must first check in that product’s package.Kevin Honestly, at this point it may be faster to remove the e PO agent from the offending machines, unload any other Mc Afee products, make sure no other firewalls are running on the machines, and then redo the push. Justin brianm71: Ok, have done that, will wait tosee if the virus scan is deployed, i may be missing something as all the problem machines are new installs, the compliant machnes are ones i had running on protection pilot so all the products were already installed. 18 January 2010 Info Updater Loading update configuration from: 18 January 2010 Info Updater These updates will be applied if they are in the repository: VIRUSCAN8600. The message above looks more like an update than a product deployment.Also, are you in a position to be using VSE 8.7 rather than 8.6?

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Agents receive a list of updated packages during the global update process.

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