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Github forking updating

At its core forking is similar to feature branching, but instead of creating branches a fork of the repository is made, and instead of doing a merge request you create a pull request.After using Git Hub by yourself for a while, you may find yourself wanting to contribute to someone else’s project.Don't forget to set up authentication to Git Hub from Git as well.Right now, you have a fork of the Spoon-Knife repository, but you don't have the files in that repository on your computer.Let's create a Now, you have a local copy of your fork of the Spoon-Knife repository!

You're unlikely to be able to push directly to the main project's repository.Forking is at the core of social coding at Git Hub.For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Spoon-Knife project, a test repository that’s hosted on Git that lets you test the Pull Request workflow.For more information, see "Syncing a fork." The sky's the limit with the changes you can make to a fork, including: Fork a repository to start contributing to a project.You can fork any public repository to your user account or any organization in which you have repository creation permissions.

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