Girls going commando dating russia datings by emails

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Girls going commando dating

but that isnt exactly gonna happed The fact they're trained to kill wouldn't bother me.Like Louise said above though, I think some can be a bit cocky (a couple of lads I went to school with are in the marines now) but that it down to the person, I severely doubt all marines are like that. i would look more at personality, but having said that im not keen of tough, violent people..It's something I really do admire, but not seeing someone you love everyday and knowing they're in such danger everyday would hurt so much. i see no problem with dating a royal marine commando, shows they are brave & strong & can look after u i would find it really hard 2 b with someone while they were gone 4 6 months & i'd be outta my mind with worry so i dnt think i could handle them goin way all the time but if they stayed over here 4 quite a while i see no problem with may be that im just weird but id imagine it 2 b a really adventurous relationship hahaa!

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What you still date / stay with them even though they could not be around for 6months in a war zone and may not come home?

I know people sometimes degrade soldiers but girls would you not date some because of there job? I want to understand my hudband, and I want him to understand me.

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