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Free fuck me chat rooms

Then he slides my underwear off, and starts to stroke my cock.Then I feel Bob's mouth lick the head of my cock, and I close my eyes in ecstasy.I return the kiss, and I feel his tongue searching for mine, and it seems like the kiss lasts for hours.Then Bob removes my shirt, and he pinches my nipples as we continue to kiss.

I also suggest we do it at hotel, since I was too nervous about brining him to my place, and he agrees and picks a hotel, and he tells me to meet him there in about an hour. On the drive to the hotel, my mind is racing with thoughts, about actually being with another guy, feeling him, my cock stayed hard for the entire drive, then I pull up to the hotel parking lot, and start to look for room 223.I go up a flight of stairs, and there it is room 223.I hesitate for just a moment, then I knock a couple of times, then the door opens and Bob are there, and he smiles and invites me in.I then lick the tip of his head, as he had done to me earlier, and by the moan coming from Bob's mouth I knew that I was doing it right.I start to lick his shaft, and I grip his balls as I lick and I could feel Bob's hand on my head and can hear him moan as I continue to lick.

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However one night I just had to take the final plunge, from cybering to real time.