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most americunts are just waiting to be told what to think by the media, so it doesnt really matter.

its like trying to teach a bunch of autistic children how to associate with other people Anonymous: If you think that you're Government isn't corrupt just remember these words, "Ultimate power corrupts ultimately" THEY have the money THEY have the power, what do you think they're gonna do with it?

and thats why soo many people walk around lost Anonymous: The Jewish community has been persecuted for millennia and kicked out of a long list of European countries - for no reason at all I'm sure - suddenly with 9-11 the paradigme seems to have shifted - in the first year of the new millennia the Enemy of Israel has become the Enemy of the West..." the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us" used to play that role - cui bono?

gookheadcrusher: if you conspiracy clowns got laid [even once] or jacked you dick you'd forget all this conspiracy, it was some clever crazy hajis, really...

so how can the beliefs be upheld by the people when we dont even have a say, and we are just told what to believe.His ideas are fucked-up and based on non-existent evidence but some blurry photos he had to "enhance" to convince his viewers. It's why you should let your dogs jump up on the couch. Your whininess reminds me of the good times, when your mom would whine and whimper about shit and I'd tell her "SHUTUP BITCH" and stick my cock down her throat.: it's called a lichtenberg figure, the result of high voltage electrical discharge, or " treeing" through an insulating material. the same thing happens when you microwave a CD.: unfortunately, to get what you see in the .gif, you need a 5 million volt particle accelerator to get enough static electricity to irradiate into the acrylic. But put a blank CDROM in the microwave for seconds and you'll see a similar effect.: Oh fuck I didn't realize that 2 5 and 6 were niggers!He's only doing those shitty vids for the doe he might get from clicks. Philbert: Oh, and PVC pipe because, oh I don't know, it's CHEAP you DUMB FUCK! I retract my first statment, but I'm sure many of you won't let me live it down so guess I'll go first thing in morning and start my aids treatments!So fro me in a public forum Kill all of the niggers.But we need some spics, who else will be the help.: ^^ I did not intent to say that, if i did i would have typed it down wouldn't i ?

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I did however have a feeling some selfproclaimed anonymous faggot would sneak up after me stating his crap, and behold, my premonition has become reality !!