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He earns millions from each movie like The Recruit or his latest, Phone Booth.But what has really got the international media excited is his reputation for being a wild HOME Satay with wine and whizzing waitresses A NEW concept m satay-selling complete with waitresses on roller-skates is on its way to Clarke Quay.

Istanbul governor Muammer Guler said Kurdish or leftist rebels were suspected Aussie PM decides not to step down RULING PARTY GIVES SUPPORT CANBERRA Australian Prime Minister John Howard, riding high m popularity following the Iraq war, has said he would not step aside next month as hinted previously.

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NO SADIXAM WIv APOi NS^: Bush, Blair face mounting criticism over absence of proof page 4 The Straits Times PACIFIC AREA NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR r Y tl Ea MAed 1845 Wcclll CSQciy June 4, 2003 148 Pages m six parts mita (p) 033/03/2003 A^JMi A Singapore Press Holdings publication v J\J (Doctors allowed to move around Health-care workers can move between hospitals again as tough restrictions to contain Sars are relaxed m phases WITH no new Sars case reported here for more than three weeks, public and private health-care workers are being allowed, m phases, to move freely across hospitals and IN COURT: Nine hauled up for filthy habits Ben Nadarajan FOR five minutes m court last night, beer promoter Low Ai Cheng, 48, insisted that she was no litterbug.

The offending piece of tissue paper "fell" from her hand while she was with a friend at a New Upper Changi IN HOMES: Thermometers in your free 'tool kit' Wendy Tan PEOPLE who live m Bishan East will be the first to get their free Sars "tool kits", starting tomorrow.

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CJ- Now, the whole family can enjoy STRIKE SEASON FRANCE: Thousands of commuters m Paris hit as transport workers go on strike AUSTRIA: Massive car traffic jams m Vienna as buses and trains stop running ITALY: Passengers stranded at airports as Alitalia pilots and other staff report sick With the start of summer, the peak travel season, Contrasting styles at Mid-East peace talks ♦Abbas the nice guy Sharon the bulldozer ♦Bush the straight talker BThe spoiler Thufh Prai Kirt Yasif Arafat is Israel and the US now have 9 wan they t re prepared to meet, and the Middle East dialogue is taking place at a level not CIA report warns of germ warfare by Al-Qaeda ' Dirty bombs' could also be used to cause panic and disruption; strikes would be small-scale, it says WASHINGTON An internal report from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has concluded that a likely goal of Al-Qaeda and related groups is to launch attacks Post-Sept 11 detentions unduly harsh JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AUDIT Foreigners shackled and abused, says report WASHINGTON Foreigners detained as part of the investigation into the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the United States were held too long without being told of the charges against them and were subjected to.