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Both Antioch and Lake Villa have rescue - boards that float, and that are also tethered to the shore. In previous years, the club's president, Peter Poli, said, "If there hadn't been any ice, we still would have held the event but people would have fished from boats or off the piers.

• "We need to work quickly to get a floata- tion sling oh the victim," he said. f \ - r - J r1 A2 /Lakeland Newspapers COMMUNITY February 13, 2004 1 i i I « 1 - . I - ' I _ V I ■ ' ' 1 ' Exebutlve Vice President J" 1 ■ ' I r " / / / n. Any legal catch would count." Headquarteri) will be at Thirsty Tur Ue on Channel Lake, with a satellite at Sandbar on Lake Marie.

Jorgensen and the other elected township officials (supervisor, trustees, clerk and asse'ssor) have salaries set at least six months in advance of their terms.

Heitman added, "The problem with the V P/eose fee FIREFIGHTERS 7/16 i. We will be holding both adult and kids auctions (only children under 12 can bid)." A d d i t i o n a I ; . He said the bird had bitten her fin- ger and flew away after she left the store.

e n t e r t ai n m c n t includes childreh's Tgamcs and carnival games, rod and reel and penny raf Rcs as well as some sur- prises events. We found the bird hid- Murawski towel in a laundry hamper in her closet." Somerville said Murawski had gone to the pet store with a friend who was legitimately purchasing a bird for her son.

' The board's consideradon of all t h eelected officials salaries and bcncnts will affect the next ternd tt |^ ffi S i*i Mav 2005.

Township Supervisor Dan Vehtunfr^ieafthe numbers might be moot for those now in position, as the next election could completely change the line-up of officials.

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■ He said that from the tender on the sur- face to the diver below that one tug asks "are you okay? 15, isalways dne of the high- lights," added Letich. [email protected]^ Rebecca Murawski, 49, of 23640 123rd St., Trevor, Wis., was arrested on Feb.