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The memory runs out before you know it and there is no room for you download new or update existing Apps.You can create new space though by deleting old and redundant Apps from the i Phone which consume a considerable amount of space or deleting i Message data, photos and videos.Just go to "Settings" "Storage and i Cloud Usage", then you can check the Storage available.This is a simple trick that you can try when your i Phone apps won't update. Close the App Store and then by double-clicking on the Home Button, close all Apps.

In case a Wi-Fi network is not available, you can turn on the "Cellular Data" in "Settings" on your i Phone.

Now tap on "i Tunes & App Store" in "Settings" and turn on the "Use Cellular Data" switch and then try to download the update again.

While using a Wi-Fi network, if you face a problem that i Phone Apps not updating, you have 2 tips to check if the Wi-Fi works well, which were given below: 1. Restart your router Sometimes due to an unstable connection, Apps do not download and update smoothly.

Now start the App Store again and try to update the desired App.

The methods listed above can solve the i Phone Apps not updating the problem 99% of the time.

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I got a notification on my i Phone to update a few Apps.

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