F dating site direct 211 txt 211

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F dating site direct 211 txt 211

Moreover, Facebook actively positions itself as a kind of online identity registrar [2] — a “core social infrastructure” for the Web where users express their authentic “real selves” (Idea to Product Latin America, 2009).

In line with this positioning, Facebook has sought (in different ways and at different times) to enforce a “real name” policy, requiring people to use “the name they use in real life” [3], verified by reference to acceptable identity documents [4].

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Despite the participatory and democratic promises of Web 2.0, many marginalized individuals with fluid or non-normative identities continue to struggle to represent themselves online.

Facebook users, in particular, are told to use “authentic identities,” an idea reinforced throughout the site’s documentation, “real name” and other policies, and in public statements by company representatives.

The first approach allows us to articulate the ways Facebook’s founder and CEO has discussed issues of authenticity and realness as they relate to user identities; the second affords an analysis of the platform’s mechanisms for enforcing authenticity through site policy and design.

Ultimately, this combination allows for a critical discussion of how Facebook’s construction of authenticity works to exclude certain people — including, trans people and abuse survivors — and opens up vital questions regarding the ethics and consequences of online identity enforcement.

Challenges surrounding identity, authenticity, and context online are perhaps most sharply felt by those who express or carry certain marginalized or non-normative identities — especially those that may be socially or culturally stigmatized.

Though they may want to use their real names online, pseudonymous or anonymous profiles are often necessary for mitigating the risks of monitoring, harassment, impersonation, and stalking afforded by SNSs (Dimond, , 2016).

In other cases, users with real names that do not conform neatly to Western, European standards — in particular, Native American users — may find themselves subject to further marginalization when told by Facebook that their name is somehow not “real” or legitimate.

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Though it can be argued that everyone has certain aspects of their identities that are stigmatized, some stigmatized identities can be concealed while others cannot [7].

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