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Many of the courses can be used to work towards crucial certifications, and certified professionals can answer any questions as licensees learn.

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Many of the courses can be used to work toward certifications, and certified professionals can answer any questions as licensees learn.

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remove your lampstand' Smyrna - 'you will have tribulation ten days' Pergamos - 'else I will ..." These messages are of greater significance than many have realized.

fight against them' Thyatira - 'I will kill her children with death' Sardis - 'I will come upon you as a thief' Philadelphia - 'I will also keep you from the hour of trial' Laodiceans - 'I will spew you out of My mouth' The text of the 1,000 year prophecy has caused many to believe there will be a 1,000 year period when Christ and the righteous will rule on this earth.

This suggests the 7th day is an undefined or open ended period of time.) 2) All other prophecies relate directly (or indirectly) to events in our immediate future.

One does not encounter prophecies which detail events or time periods considerably beyond those associated with the tribulation and the return of Christ.3) 2 Peter 3:8 states 'one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day'.

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When I looked in the room, there was a band playing, and standing in front of the band was the director, a tall, thin man with blondish long wavy hair, wearing a tight suit - of pink and yellow with silver shoes.

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They represent the 7 lamps of the lampstand of the tabernacle of meeting.

However, there are a number of factors which suggest this is not the true of this prophecy.

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