Exchange recipient policy not updating

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Exchange recipient policy not updating

To enable the policy tip to function well in Outlook, it must be enabled on the client system.For that, in the Outlook Options dialog box, one must first select the Mail tab and within the Mail Tips Options dialog box, select the Policy tip notification check box.However, if any of these are deleted using a tool like ADSIEdit, which the Exchange System Manager GUI has no control over, it will prevent critical services like the information store service and MTA Stacks service from starting. Recipient policies based on organizational units (OU): Another misconception and a frequently asked question in many forums is how one can apply a recipient policy to recipients in a particular OU, or apply the policy to an OU so it gets applied to all recipients in that OU. Recipient policies are applied to recipients filtered on recipient attributes, such as department, location, city, or country.They can be used to apply the policy irrespective of the recipient's location in the Active Directory hierarchy of containers and OUs.

For instance, in an organization, if a DLP is configured in Exchange that restricts a user from sending credit card numbers or other sensitive details through emails, then a policy tip will notify a user about the risk of sending such an email.If the user still sends an offending email, then it will be considered as a violation of the organization’s compliance policy.Further, there is one option using which a user can provide business justification for sending such a message using policy tip. It's typically used to flush items past a certain age in folders like Deleted Items. With Mailbox Manager settings, the second is used to report on or purge items in a mailbox that meets certain parameters.

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In EWS, the service configuration operation retrieves the configuration settings for policy tips and mail tips.

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