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Ex piration dating antibiotics

It may not (but probably does) apply to drugs made in different countries under different regulations.

Consumers, in particu­ tended to October 29, 1976 by notice in it in the regulations or are at least lar, expressed strong support for the FEDERAL REGISTER of September considered by most manufacturers to proposed revisions, especially the pro­ the 10, 1976 (41 FR 38540). facturers agreed with many of the pro­ Under the Federal Food. 1976 amendment to the latter The Commissioner is pleased to note ing. The Commissioner is promulgating those regulations em­ bodying contemporary practices that will maintain or improve the quality of pharmaceuticals without imposing un­ reasonable or excessive costs or other burdens on manufacturers.

So any tablets, if stored properly, will be safe up to 3 years past the expiry date.

They will probably be safe longer than that but there is usually no testing done beyond that date.

Therefore, the CGMP regu­ lations in Part 211 are intended to be general enough to be suitable for es­ sentially all drug products.

Protection from light is why most drugs are packaged in opaque white bottles.

”Most drugs have an expiry date of 3 years, but to get a 3 year expiry they must be tested and found to still be safe for a period of 6 years.

IOW, half the date proven to be safe, well within safety margins.

visions in these amendments represent In general, the comments supported teral drug products (SVP) was pub­ requirements not specifically included lished in the F EDERAL REGISTER of in the existing CGMP regulations, in the Commissioner’s concern for the June 1. and the many instances the revisions are prac­ availability of uniformly high quality time for submitting comments was ex­ tices that have been considered implic­ drug products. In evaluating each comment, the Commissioner consid­ ered whether drug product quality would be assured, compromised, or un­ affected by the adoption or deletion of a regulation, as well as whether it re­ flected a current practice in the indus­ try and its benefits appeared to outweigh its costs.

more specifically than do the present manufacturers, repackers, distributors, 5. Although some of the pro­ consulting engineers, and profession­ mation regarding small volume paren­ als in the health-care system. Control of Components and Drug tion, and Welfare, 5600 Fishers ERAL REGISTER of February 13, 1976 ($! Therefore, most of the Feb­ ruary 13, 1976, proposal has been adopted, but wlth numerous textual changes, many of which are based upon alternative language suggested in the comments.

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Drugs that are acidic (ie have the suffix HCl or other acid in the name) are likely to degrade faster than drugs with a neutral or base p H.

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