Ed westwick dating phoebe tonkin

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But it was a rumor only, while Ed was only 21 and mean time she was 33.

Ed trained out from the England's famous Theatre institution National Youth London before working in the industry.

Jessie portrayed an underground girl that was fighting against rich and cruel Upper East Siders, though she started to fight them for all the good reasons, later she used the same methods as her hated people and that was fraud, blackmailing and harshly messing with other people’s lives.

Vanessa Abrams dated Nate Archibald, portrayed by Chace Crawford.

The most discussed relationship Ed had was with Jessica Szohr.

Jessca Szohr and Ed Westwick became a thing in a real life from 2009- 2010.

Ed westwick and his girlfriend was spotted by paparazzi’s doing everything together, they looked great as a couple.

He debuted in 2006 from the film Breaking and Entering and in the same year he was first seen in the TV show Doctors.

Next year Ed appeared in the first series of Gossip Girl which created him as a good artist in the industry.

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Even though, they were not back together, it is good to know, that they at least are on the good terms.

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  1. If enough time has passed and i have learned new things — while eliminating the behaviors that broke us up in the first place — I can *start a NEW relationship with a young dude who i can call my love. "going back" usually recreates the problems you had with them in the first place.