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In these cases, the -Dskip Tests=true argument can be passed to Maven or Ant.

Recently I added the commons-compress dependency to as required by jackrabbit 2.0 dependency.

The normal reset-all takes care of this implicitly by calling Maven once at the start of the build and then skipping it on subsequent calls in the same ant run.

If you would like to attempt to install Maven by hand here is a discussion which includes some suggestions Available in apt-get/yum package managers.

If anyone is still building the server on Windows they can please fill in these details.

During an 'ant reset-all' invocation, the 'maven-seed-local-repo' target is called to install these jars in the local Maven repository.

While it should generally not be necessary; if you happen to remove your Maven local repository (e.g.

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The first question an engineer asks before changing anything should always be 'what problem are we trying to solve here? In this case, there are many inefficiencies to the current Ant build process which can be improved by using Maven.

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