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As soon as she enters, however, she sees that it's almost empty. Few bothered to pick the carcass of Mars these days. She looks around the station for anything else of use, anything of interest. There were also different colours in hair, but the tongue was always blue, the iris always pink and the lips also always pink. ---------- She pulls her braided hair free of the scarf as she loosens it from her neck. One wall is a black sheet of glass that she suspects is transparent one-way and concealed from her side. " Clear: "My ship jumped into the system and got stuck because of the projector. Teleported down..." She hoped that lie would slip through. Standing there in the doorway is a man dressed in black, looking like the priests of Earth that Clear had seen on Saffron Five. " Wai glances at the ship when Strang gestures towards it. Our rebel friend has much to confess to us, don't you? When they finally reach the doors, the team huddles up around the corners of it. If someone had invaded her ship, she would have fought them too. When he realises she has drunk all of her wine, while he had only sipped half of his own, he looks quite surprised and she blushes with embarrassment. Fortunately he simply fills her up again and doesn't ask about her drinking habit. Their teeth are over-extended and she couldn't identify if they have ears. " Clear couldn't deny she found them especially ugly. The Excellence should never be sullied with the likes of such animals." Londris appears to hesitate and Clear wonders if her honour as a soldier, as the victor, conflicts with the order. Her armoured fist hits the human's face, breaking his nose, and sends him crashing to the floor. The two of them look down at him with expressions that Clear can identify as sad despite their ugly features. Tendrils that seems to be slowly worming their way across the entire hull. Just as they exit the command deck, Clear turns and points at the two men. Just one comment about my arse and I'll beat you until you're screaming for your mothers. She glances back at the shuttle they had taken from The Excellence to The Hopeless, its internal lights shine out across the hangar bay. The screens flash up and show a massive skeletal structure in deep space, far from the gravitational pull of any planet. Then again they may have been working a long time ago and he hid it from me." Pully: "Speaking of your A. hadn't thought of that..." She really feels that Wai was probably dragged along by Duke Hyperon but she doesn't know the robot or his personality. Likewise Pully has equipped her laser carbine with a torchlight accessory. " She chuckles, which sounds unusual through the comms. I'm from Terra Flux and I was educated at an Imperial Centre for Early Learners. They decided I had the physical capabilities to run at rebels with a gun. The Empire was already in turmoil and that was all it needed to go over the edge. Possibly other salvagers but more likely it was empty the day it was abandoned. Now that she is back on The Hopeless she is hoping to settle down and relax for the night. She is confronted by a man wearing casual clothes that appear much like those of her own culture back on Mars. He has a heavy-looking necklace that rests on his shoulders and hangs about his chest, made of slabs with scribbled writing on each one. I'm here to interview you." The man has dark hair, combed over nearly. " Clear: "That's right." Strang: "You were found by Captain Londris in Station Exploit. He has a terrible bowl hair cut and otherwise looks quite human, aside from peculiar purple eyes. Priest: "Why hullo there." Two Stormtroopers reach inside and fling him out of the Bug. I guess." Wai reaches out to shake the Warlord's hand but is rebuffed by troopers. " Londris returns her blaster to her holster and Wai relaxes. Strang passes Clear a glass of wine and she thinks better of refusing it. The strong taste of grape and alcohol warms her throat. After the fighting has died down the stormtroopers are left with just three captives. Londris: "Prepare the prisoners for transport." Strang: "No, Captain. However it seems she is loyal to her commander regardless of her personal feelings as the hesitation washes away. Clear feels her lower lip rise in protest of the sight. Clear panicks, unsure what is happening aboard her home. The pilot positions another crate near to the exit, filled with emergency gear should they come back needing it. Looking like sets of ribs, there are three ports for ships to dock. " Clear jumps a little when Pully absent-mindedly raises her voice when saying Excelsior. Their dual beams of white light shine down their path and they slowly progress forth. He is also more meticulous, able to do better and finer craftsmanship than the ship's robots. She drops the sack to the floor, a little more heavily than intended, and walks over to Icer's door before she would go to her bedroom. That word she was going to stay is forever pasted on her face. She actually looked like a human, but Clear didn't think this was a ship from Earth. Clear slows and looks down it to ensure that Icer and her room were as unchanged as ever. The fire from within the room draws the attention of Londris but after a lengthy explanation, and a lot of fiddling with the door, Londris is satisfied that the mystery is unrelated to the situation. Clear finds the night-vision to be particularly unusual and difficult to grow accustomed too. She peers through the small window and there she is. Clear always guessed it must be "open", as in "open the door before I die". The fire burning was frozen, the broken lights shooting electricity were frozen. The Captain wore a smart military suit of grey with a long blue cape and a tall cap. She keeps wobbling into walls and tripping on cracks she'd long ago learnt. Clear sees the dead body of the pilot, obviously killed by Duke Hyperon.

She had found most of the items on her list, including a source of fuel, and she got a few bonuses to boot. His eyes are light brown with a hint of green around the pupils if one were inclined to stare deeply into them. Besides, the size of a person's brain does not actually equate intelligence mere--" Londris: "My trigger finger is getting itchy." Wai: "Well... I have always preferred the spirit of conservatism myself. It's quite lonely there, I can tell you." Strang: "You're an A. I am able to make calculations faster than any human ever could, and my data storage allows me to learn over six million languages..." Strang: "I think you might be right." Wai: "..although I prefer the path of peace and conversation I am a machine internally and my strength definitely surpasses that of an average human being. The human cries out while the second alien closes its eyes and cries... Londris: "Yes Sir." Clear notices the distinct lack of thanks, though the Warlord doesn't seem to. We'll get some answers out of our new rebel friend." Two stormtroopers drag the human out of the building and through the snow. She has to explain to the Imperials that the ship naturally looks like a wreck. Londris sends two of her soldiers ahead and they ascend the metal stairs with their carbines poised. " Clear: "Buckle up." Rather than try to fight her, Pully does as she's bid and straps herself in. " Clear: "Because you needed to be stopped, Note." Wai: "But I... Her arm is still in a sling and she winces when she accidentally moves it without thinking. Clear: "Seems like Excelsior is going to be the home of my home for a good while." Pully: "They work quick. They'll have the basics up and running before you know it." Clear: "I doubt it. But Green never seemed to be acting and her innocence of the world was enough for Clear. She should really get to know these people before letting them on her ship in future.

NSP: This thread does take place within the Ne Siverse and does take place during current events. She pushes a few buttons on the panel beside the door and it swirls open like a flower in the morning sun. She exits the room via the second door and walks down the metal stairs. " She is, once again, slammed to the wall and forced to endure another jump. Some of the datapads have fallen out, but it otherwise remains in tact. There weren't many abandoned locations or floating wrecks - it is all inhabited worlds thriving with life and commerce. Not unless salvage mean stealin' now." Clear: "Maybe I can trade something. I don't even know what kind of fuel they'll have in these parts." Heb: "I suppose it don't hurt to ask, does it? See if I can get informations about where it mighta gone to. The railings around the pad are also illuminated, albeit with several bulbs missing. Heb would ignore the call, knowing its not for him. They tapping the metal and investigating its odd sections. She doesn't fancy letting Green lose to close to the craft but Clear has never possessed any kind of fire power. Clear had asked Note to simply sail the ship out of range but Note wasn't certain hat the ship's boosters would be able to hold out for that long - they hadn't been used in a very long time and had never received maintenance. Maybe it was once used by pirates to catch unsuspecting traders. She sucks in her breath, stands and heads to the door. They slide open when she nears them and she's in an elongated room with computer terminals all lit up and blooping at her. The radar even seems to pick up the blip of the massive ship as it waits for Clear to unleash it. She pushes it and the projection well blinks out of existence. Note: "Function restored to the jump-drives." Clear: "Okay. Let me get back up there and we'll have a discussion about this mission to Earth you've gotten into your head." Note: "Jumping in five..." Clear: "Wait, what? The soldier pulls off the white helmet to reveal a blonde human woman with short cropped hair and a nasty scar that slices through her ear across the scalp. " Clear: "Waiting for rescue." Lead Solider: "Obviously it was you that shut down the projector. She now wonders if she could have saved her old friend. Pully is still in the docking bay and, when Clear left her, she was communicating with The Excellence. She is sans her armour and is wearing the tight bodysuit that the stormtroopers all seemed to wear beneath their armour. Coming together again is difficult as her spore bits will float about, often listlessly, seeming to refuse to come back to the body until its had its fun swinging lazily along. Her spores had gone through the machine and many of them were churned up by the grinders. I feel responsible for not realising how crazy he'd gotten." Wai: "Crazy is just the word I'd use. Cyber jokes." Wai: "Well, I thought it was funny." ---------- Sometime later, Pully is explaining what the software technicians found. So Green requires a series of bacta baths with her series of operations. First Green, then Wai and now this strange person in a casket. " Pully: "As in used to be." Clear: "What happened? The king and queen of the planet were prominent members of the Rebel Alliance. The Empire had money but never that much money." Clear: "So it was a... " Thrain: "I don't think that's wise." Clear jumps at the sudden intrusion.

However I intend for it to be 90% independent from both the Ne S and HFO. She steps through and waits for it to close behind her. It looks to be in better shape than the larger ship, but the bug is still a pitiful looking craft. Hebedee wanted to call it a butterfly, but Clear thought of it more as a moth. They are the only stairs in the whole ship (at least that she had found) and often feel out-of-place in Clear's mind. She guesses that objects are shielded during the jump. What Note expected her to do out there is anyone's guess. Most of the padding had been plucked out of it years ago, but it still worked well enough to sit on and not fall off. He is a tall, fat human with pasty white skin and a mop of blonde hair on his head. And I'm an alien to your world." Heb: "Well not your aliens! Bug aliens I reckon." Clear: "I don't actually care what happened to the Earth right now. Then maybe the old Hopeless can quiet down if she knows where her momma is at." Clear: "Momma? She'd need to get in close if she is going to do any damage to these fools. Heb: "Note says ya turned him off." Clear: "Got tired of hearing him repeat the same rubbish over and over." Heb: "We do need salvage, sugar." Clear's temper rose like a boiling kettle. Step away from the console." Clear, with guns aimed at her, did as she is told. They had already been mobilising a second squad after they lost contact with Captain Londris. It's only now that Clear thinks Pully may not be entirely human, or if she is she's had some changes made. She found the very idea of saying it aloud to be a peculiar concept. This is what caused the lacerations inside and outside Green's remoulded body. One days has become two days as the girl didn't fully heal. Pully: "Turns out that rebel robot wasn't in there. Through the oxygen mask is also pumped a general anaesthetic to render the girl in a coma. I really thought he'd die." Pully: "I wouldn't say he's exacted healed, Sir. Do you mean the whole planet was..." Pully: "Destroyed. Some thought the king himself would be elected as the leader of the alliance. She flinches when she sees Thrain and has to stop herself from attacking the woman.

She will sort through what she wanted to keep and what she would give to Heb for his repairs. Green had been quiet so far and kept to herself in her own part of the ship, but they had talked a little through the communicators. " Note: "Coordinates lost." Clear: "What coordinates!? Not one bit..." Londris: "Just a coincidence that he fell into our exploit trap to catch the rebels. luckily the folks I found in that structure were quite pleasant and happy to have an A. I was able to chat it up so that she turned her heating back on. Reminds me of other groups I've travelled with, friends long ago. And yet she is still fretting over the situation with the ship and wonders what the Hell Green is doing. " She feels a tear fall down her cheek when she says it. Clear jerks in her seat and hears Pully cry out with sudden shock or pain. Clear repositions the ship and slams into his body again for good measure. Clear gets up, opens it and takes out the launcher. She lowers the gangplank and aims at the body of Wai again. The missile swirls through the air and hits the robot. Satisfied, Clear puts the launcher down and staggers over to Wai's body.

While the ships repaired itself, Heb helped speed things along. So there seems to be no apparent reason for Note to be acting so erratic. Back on Earth I used to travel with my friend C--" Strang: "Throw him in a ce-- wait, did you just say you met people on that ice planet? They continue through and they pass by the short passage that leads to Icer. Wai is crushed between the now mashed up nose of the ship and the dented wall. Some of the torso remains attached to the head but little else.

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The Hopeful, which Clear likes to jokingly call The Hopeless, isn't Martian. Her bright red skin contrasts against the stark white hair and the blue tongue she'd used to lick her lips. that is my full name." Some of the soldiers chuckle at that. Cultures without the decency to have of multiple names for identification." A slight against her people cut Clear deeper than a personal insult. If they hadn't been down there, you may have been stranded for a very long time." Clear: "Lucky me..." Strang: "I don't mean to be rude but... Clear: "I'm a Salmitton from Mars." Strang: "I must apologise. This part of the galaxy tends to find a wide variety of alien species. Unless freezing to death is a crime..." Deonal Strang smiles but doesn't laugh and she thinks even the smile is forced. They're becoming ever more bold in these backwater systems. But I feel some small bands of rebels may well visit that structure to hide from the ever prying eyes of the Galactic Empire." Clear: "There's a Galactic Empire? Technically the empire is the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way because of this increase in non-terrestrial traffic. The rebels have done their damage to the empire already. " Clear: "Didn't your grand admiral attack the Earth? Now I begin to understand where your Mars must reside in the galaxy. It was devised that no human mind could truly complete the task necessary and so a cold machine mind was desired. He was supposed to demonstrate the mental gap between the two personalities. Rebels took advantage and ruptures appeared throughout the empire. You truly do seem to be a lost little lamb." Clear: "Does this mean I'm free to go? Stormtrooper #1: "I wouldn't mind firing my torpedo in her exhaust port." Clear turns to punch the guy but Londris stops her. Go." The two despondently walk off to carry out their punishment and Clear can return her, albeit flustered, attention back to the demolition of the door on the Bug. Push a few buttons and away she goes." Londris: "Do you think playing the idiot will really save your hide, rebel? She eyes them but they made no regard of their prior mishap. Whoever is wearing the camera is sitting in the co-pilot's seat. However to repaint them all yellow again would take months. Maybe he could have been a simple farmer, living a happy family life. " The windows view opens a zoomed in panel to show a large vessel. Perhaps you and the lieutenant should also make the jump aboard my ship? I believed you when you said you'd give everything to bring them back. We can honour their sacrifice by getting this ship into service." Pully: "Remind me why I'm suppose to care for someone that murdered my friends? After Pully committed herself and her duties to Clear's command, the Salmitton led the stormtrooper on the hunt for Green. The loyalists considered the other side to be rebels, the other side considered the loyalists as ignorant fools that were going to their deaths anyway." Clear: "What did you do? If I hadn't taken position here with you, I'd probably be the next captain of the squad..." Clear: "Wow... Thrain: "She really needs to be in a bacta tank." Clear: "We can't do that." Thrain: "She had internal haemorrhaging. A day in a bacta tank and she'll step out completely healed.

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