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A lady who doesn't even offer is probably going to be trouble. I went on a date with an English girl, who strangely showed up wearing an Abaya.. After we ate, she asked if we can swing by the Pharmacy next door because it was her time of the month ... As we are walking through the pharmacy, I got a little distracted with an important telephone call, although I noticed she was asking for some beauty products... Then when I finished the call, I noticed she was at the cash register with a BUNCH of stuff, including her tampons. she pretended to look in her bag, then she said can you please take care of that...It's not about feminism or anything, it's just plain manners. I paid and said to myself well I'll consider that a one and only time. I have an american friend who works as a teacher here to tells me her entire building or Irish and English women go on dates entirely for shopping, expensive restaurants and bars.

It's showing like there are sex police patrolling the streets checking if any two people holding hands are married! Compared to Saudi Arabia, Dubai would seem very liberal. Thailand, despite its image, would probably be perceived as culturally very conservative when comparing it to liberal European countries like the Netherlands or (upvotes please) Sweden.

She called me the same night and asked for a mobile credit top up.... Their end goal is to see how far a guy will pay without getting any.

Pretty despicable for all those western ideals these people throw around all day.

If you are a single expatriate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and are intending to come to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to live, good luck because the UAE does not have a bustling online dating culture.

The country is very conservative (for Western standards), and the sites that exist are primarily marriage or friendship oriented.

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I am not sure it is because of the no PDA rule, which encourages people to go to their homes, but maybe it is a factor. They are simply more likely to pack up, leave all friends and social connections behind and go to a new country.