Dealing with intimidating customers

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Dealing with intimidating customers

There are several techniques to confront effectively a person showing underperforming intimidating behaviour.

In many articles on conflict handling it is mentioned that a manager should not choose sides. A manager and leader in general should always investigate the truth.

I will continue with my work mentality: providing feedback, confronting when necessary, because as a leader, creating a safe environment is one of my top priorities.

Safety means: working and respecting the protocols of the company in every form.

He will not have a problem-solving mentality which will push customers away from your company when they have specific needs.

Mention you need the space to perform your job in the best way by having the possibility to provide feedback freely and openly.You can make an effort if you have the time and money for it, but there are no guarantees you’ll get the desired outcome.However, conflict and confrontation will always lead to a new way to improve the company’s state, provided they are done effectively and from a clear policy perspective.Anyone who shows lack of commitment, unwillingness to grow together, and therefore intimidating behaviour, needs to be reminded what behaviour is allowed and what isn’t.At the same time it doesn’t mean that all these confrontations will solve every problem.

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Solution: If people have more knowledge that conflict and confrontation improve the situation, and not worsen it, the less likely it is for intimidating behaviour to get a chance to grow.

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