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If you recognize that any of these pillars are weak in your own life and relationships, don’t be discouraged. If you are dating and considering marriage, don’t forget to check out Defining the Relationship on Life Academy!Growing in these areas is a process—one that is vulnerable, messy, but ultimately glorious and absolutely worth it! This course will equip you with the tools to build a healthy, strong, romantic relationship that will go the distance. If you’re dating, or single and looking to date, these are probably high on the list of things you’re hoping to discover about the person you’re getting to know.Let’s look at how they should be showing up as you date.People with a strong pillar of faith will trust Him to meet their relational needs, and won’t fall into pursuing relationships that do not have long-term potential in order to meet short-term needs.They will also demonstrate the ability to keep their love on when they feel afraid, repent for their sin, and forgive when they are hurt.Responsibility means taking ownership for your half of a relationship.

In contrast, tolerating powerless behavior in your relationship—blaming others for feelings or behavior, trying to control or manipulate others, communicating in passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive ways, etc.—is always unhealthy.Unconditional acceptance simply says, “You get to be you, and I get to be me in this relationship.” At the foundation of every healthy relationship must be an agreement that you will not try to control or change each other.As you get to know someone, pay attention to your thoughts and the messages you’re picking up from them.One of the areas where responsibility is most critical in relationships is in resolving conflicts and cleaning up our messes.Scary and painful things are going to happen in every relationship.

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These 7 pillars of healthy relationships are universal truths that you should be applying to every relationship in your life.

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