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The Lap steel guitar is not tuned in standard guitar tuning (E–A–D–G–B–E, low to high).Rather, it is usually tuned to an open chord, often an extended chord like a 6th, 7th, or 9th.

Some lap steel guitars can be converted between lap and fretted playing, or are modified versions of conventional guitars—the only difference is usually string height.The lap steel, dobro and pedal steel guitar are associated most closely with Hawaiian music, country music and bluegrass, though some players have used them in rock music, jazz, blues, and other musical genres.The round neck, metal-bodied resonator guitar is used almost exclusively by blues, rock, or blues-rock musicians.The first electric instrument on a commercial recording was made and played in 1935 by Bob Dunn, a musician in Houston, Texas who played in the Western swing band Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies.Dunn owned a music store that bore his name in the Houston area.

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The hollow neck acoustic lap steel, developed by Chris Knutsen and popularized by Weissenborn, extends the body cavity behind the neck all the way to the head.

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