Dating of solar system how pasha and anya dating

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Dating of solar system how

Therefore, it is extremely important to obtain independent information on the present cratering rate on different planets or satellites to check and calibrate the cratering rate calculations.

Fortunately, Earth provides one such check for the inner solar system.

From the calculated present cratering rates and the observed history of cratering in the Earth-Moon system, it can be shown that the period of early heavy bombardment probably ended 3.5 billion years ago on each of the terrestrial planets (Hartmann, 1972; Soderblom et al., 1974).

Accurate determinations of recent cratering rates on Earth are vital to the estimation of accurate absolute ages from crater densities on the terrestrial planets.

The Earth-Moon system also provides the essential record needed to determine the past variation of this cratering rate (Hartmann, 1972a).

If the cratering history is known for one planet or planet-satellite system, then, in principle, it can be derived for other planets and satellites, provided that the bodies impacting the various planets and satellites are dynamically related.

In the case of asteroidal bodies that collide with Earth, it has been shown that these bodies are closely related to asteroidal objects that impact the other terrestrial planets.

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The population of these objects can be estimated by statistical methods from the rates at which they are discovered by systematic searches of the sky (Shoemaker et al., 1979).

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