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Dating newly divorced woman

I have known several women who have had the misfortune of dating newly divorced men.

They all say these fellows behave as if they just got out of prison.

I was like a bull in a china shop, knocking women down like bowling pins in my attempt to find my next love.

I recall meeting a charming woman at a cafe who when I told her I was recently separated said to me, “Call me in a year or two,” and walked out.

Leaving their sexual deserts behind they seek comfort.

But my unresolved issues came up time and time again.

So, it’s likely in that situation that she would have had time to heal (especially if the love died some time before she left the marriage).

A divorced woman is, pretty much the same as any other woman but she now has this incredible feeling of freedom (I know I did when my divorce came through).

Feel the pain you are must be experiencing after a divorce.

Or live in denial instead and inflict yourself on the next woman you can convince you are over your divorce already.

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Ask how they handled themselves emotionally when they got divorced.

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