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It is an urban legend that the Gibson/Norlin lawsuit was filed against a number of Japanese companies.It is also commonly held it was over the exact copying of American designs. This headstock change came shortly after Ibanez introduced serial numbers.So, conspiracy theorists, by the time the lawsuit was actually filed, the headstocks had already been changed.While "lawsuit" head generally means a Gibson copy headstock, the Ibanez headstock at the time of the lawsuit was actually a copy of a Guild headstock.Routings for electronics and wiring were pretty rough in a manner similar to today’s Indonesian guitars.

The first models introduced after the agreement were the ..all of those knobs!The quality of Ibanez guitars increased rapidly during this period.Many set-neck copies like the Model 2459 Destroyer, an Explorer copy and its Flying V counterpart, the Rocket Roll Sr., we pretty decent guitars, but probably weren't as good as the Gibson/Norlin guitars of the era.Having started as a relatively unknown and low-budget Japanese guitar brand, Ibanez discovered the way to success around 1970 when they started making copies of well-known American guitars like Gibson, Fender and Rickenbacker.They did a good job: the guitars were good copies, at least from a visual point of view.

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There might be a few “lawsuits” with a serial number dating from November/ December 1975, but most of them will not have a serial number. Louis Music (Electra), whose guitars were made in Japan by Hoshino, offered to help with the suit.

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