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The reason is simple: you can tell a lot more about cells with an image versus a cell count.

Will it help them get a new job or bring new skills to their present job? Personalizing makes your work come alive and helps audience members relate to it on an emotional level.4. Even your fellow scientists will appreciate brief definitions and explanations of terminology and processes, especially if you’re working in a field like microfluidics, which includes collaborators in diverse disciplines, such as engineering, biomedical research and computational biology.However, instead of engaging audiences and conveying enthusiasm, many presentations fall flat.Pitfalls include overly complicated content, monotone delivery and focusing on what want to say rather than what the audience is interested in hearing.Effective presentations appeal to a wide range of audiences — those who work in your area of interest or in related fields, as well as potential funders, the media and others who may find your work interesting or useful.There are two major facets to a presentation: the content and how you present it.

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I’ve been presenting and performing for many years but still get stage fright. They expect you to engage them and you have their attention.4. It’s more difficult to breathe and speak when your shoulders are rolled forward and your chest caves in.

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  1. The host company wanted 3K to keep fusion going – It turns out they were fleecing me – charging 5-6 times over the amount I needed to pay!